Downton Abbey- What’s Coming For The Crawleys…?

by swonderfulsmarvellous

I want to do my last Downton Abbey inspired post for a while, as it won’t be gracing our screens for another 9 months, and frankly, my love of it is getting slightly out of hand.

I’ve only just realised, though, that there may be people reading this not from the UK, and who don’t know what’s going to happen in season 2. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you in any way, so this is a warning that this post contains spoilers from season 2 and the Christmas special!

As season 3 will be set in the roaring 20s, change is indeed afoot. The biggest things that have to be addressed- or at least I hope they are addressed!- are:


1. Sybil and Branson: With an Irish bun in the oven, no doubt Sybil will be back at Downton for an extended stay through the 3rd series. How will the family cope with having a servant living as part of the family? I predict a lot of tension as the servants try to adjust- and don’t count on the pregnancy being all it seems either. Knowing Fellowes, it will have some horrible disease or something. Just to make us get our tissues out.

2. Matthew and Mary: There will obviously be a wedding- just think of the outfits- and then hopefully they will settle down to wedded bliss…with hopefully no ghosts haunting them! But if Carlisle lets out the story of Mary’s dallyings with the Turk, there could be trouble.

3. Bates and Anna: Will Bates be let off? Will he get his job back at Downton? Will Anna ever smile again?!

4. Lady Edith: Hopefully series 3 will bring Edith a bit of romance- or at least some form of excitement that doesn’t include driving a tractor. Maybe the mysterious Canadian will make a return to claim himself the future Earl of Grantham?

5. Thomas and O’Brien: Let them carry on as they are- their scheming is pure joy to watch!

And now I put my Downton love to bed for a few months! I really hope Julian Fellowes makes this next series as good as the last 2!