BBC Birdsong: Redmayne & Poesy

by swonderfulsmarvellous

Today I saw the first trailer for the new adaptation of Birdsong, the amazing novel by Sebastian Faulkes- and it looks incredible. Voted 13th on the BBC list of Britain’s Favourite Book, it’s no surprise it’s being turned into a major drama. I thought it was a little odd it hasn’t been snapped up to be turned into an actual film, seen as studios everywhere seem to be stuck on churning out sequels and prequels. It will no doubt be their loss- actually, it will probably be their gain, because a film will probably be in the works by the end of the year after the success of the new drama.

Taking place during the years leading up to and including the first world war and the late 1970s in Britain, it follows lovers Stephen and Isabelle acting out their passion in a time before great turmoil, and a woman searching for answers about her family history. It really is a beautiful story, and needs to be read to be fully appreciated. But I am really looking forward to the TV drama, and not just because of the great story it is based on.

Eddie Redmayne has had a pretty amazing year- he was in My Week With Marilyn, and he’s just been nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star award. He’s up against Thor, so it’s close! (Joke, obviously!) His portrayal of Stephen is complimented by Clemence Poesy’s Isabelle. I only really know her from Harry Potter and Gossip Girl, but looking at IMDB she’s been in loads of stuff- including 127 hours which I still need to see!

Redmayne said of the project: “Birdsong had an overwhelming impact on me when I first read it in my teens. It is a privilege to now be a part of bringing Faulks’ masterpiece to the screen.”

Clemence Poesy had a spread in this months Glamour magazine in the UK, where she did a Parisian inspired shoot with candy floss colours. I particularly love this look- tres chic! It’s getting me in the mood for spring already!

Get her look from net a porter- this dress is a teeny tiny bit expensive, but it’s very pretty! It’s from Australian designer Rachel Gilbert, who might just be my new favourite this month!