by swonderfulsmarvellous

ImagePoor Topshop. I would feel sorry for them over this particular humiliation, but it did make me laugh a little at how silly they are for putting this on their website.

After all the hype surrounding those ridiculously offensive tshirts being sold at Topman last year, I would have thought it would have been a priority not to offend any more people with their tees.

Okay, so it’s not Topshop’s own T-shirt, I’ll give them that. The offending tee comes from brand Tee and Cake.

I have no idea how Tee and Cake let this particular print get so far into production without somebody spotting the error. Anybody who buys it will not only look really, really silly, but will be trying to make people think they know about Shakespeare. Because it’s cool.

Shakespeare is cool without having to put it on a tshirt. And if you didn’t see the error, you don’t deserve to use his words to make a fashion statement.