The Power of Chanel…

by swonderfulsmarvellous

I wanted to do a post dedicated to the sublime advertising campaigns of Chanel- and more specifically, Chanel Number 5 perfume. Here are my favourite ads, in no particular order (because I could never choose!)

Keira Knightley

Every Woman

Nicole Kidman

Audrey Tautou

In terms of perfume history, Chanel Number 5 is the ultimate scent; Marilyn Monroe wore it. Coco herself created it, stating “I want to create a perfume so special that none has done before, a scent for a woman that smells like a woman.”

I might just have to whisper this next part. After you read it, please don’t come and find me with your pitchforks, demanding blood.


Scandalous as it is to admit, I like a lot of perfumes far more than Chanel Number 5. I know, I know. It’s like a crime to even admit it! Maybe it’s because I’m not truly a woman yet? Okay- cliches aside. For me, CN5 is a fragrance created for the true women. I just don’t think I’m quite there yet. Do you remember when Holly Golightly tells the man at Tiffany’s that it’s tacky to wear diamonds before you’re 40? That’s how I feel about this. Which I’ve just realised it pretty odd, but never mind. I’ll call it a quirk.

But, now; don’t fret! I have fallen in love with the smell of Chanel, in the form of Coco Mademoiselle- a scent that smells like it was created just for me.

Maybe when I’m older, I’ll convert to Number 5. When I hit 40. Then again, maybe I’ll stick with Coco. Either way, the smell of Chanel has taken me through the early years of my 20s- and I hope it follows me around for many years to come.

And just because it’s amazing, here’s another Chanel advert that pretty much tops anything else done by it’s major competitors….

Doesn’t the song remind you of Matilda?!