Weekend Round Up: Levis, Flamingos, Oscars and Saying Goodbye

by swonderfulsmarvellous

I know Levis have been getting a lot of stick this week about their new ad campaign; titled ‘Hotness Comes In All Shapes and Sizes,’ it shows 3 equally skinny women with slightly curvier behinds promoting their curve ID jeans.

I know I should probably be really annoyed by it (as many people are) but I went into my nearest Levi store yesterday to buy a new pair of jeans- as every other clothes shop had let me and my massive thighs down so spectacularly -and it was amazing! The sales assistants were lovely, helping me to discover that I am actually a size 29 waist (equal to a size 11- so no wonder I was having issues elsewhere!) and a medium rear. Splendid! It did hit my bank account hard- £80 eeep!- but they are worth it, and hopefully they’ll last me at least until 2013.

This weekend I also had a request to do someone’s nails for them- something I was quite nervous about, because mine usually take so long to do, and I make so many mistakes! Here’s the results- a little messy, sorry!- I hope you like them!! They are very summery ( a tad premature here in dreary England) but I love them!


I also spent the night in Leeds yesterday to say goodbye to one of my best friends who’s leaving for India today. Very, very sad to be seeing him go, even though I know he’ll have an amazing time!

Because I’m working tomorrow, I won’t be staying up to watch the Oscars. I’m really sad about it, as I’ve managed to watch every other major award show this year, and now I’m missing the biggest one!!! I will try and watch the red carpet show on E! before bed and post a few of my favourite looks. I hope Michelle Williams, Jessica Chastain and Rooney Mara wear something amazing!

I won’t say 100% that ‘The Artist’ will walk away with pretty much everything, but I have a feeling they will! I’d like Williams to win Best Actress, but it’s going to be Davies or Streep.