Oscars 2012: They Saved The Best For Last!

by swonderfulsmarvellous

I really tried to stay up to watch the E! Red Carpet coverage last night. Really and truly, I did!!! But after an hour of unnecessary ad breaks, Ryan Seacrest talking nonsense and another non-descript guy who kept telling me about who he thought was going to win, I gave up. I really wish I’d have hung on longer, because the dresses were amazing! I looked through them all over breakfast this morning and I think I missed my mouth a few times, I was in that much awe! (If you know me you’ll understand this is a big deal- I do like to eat!)

Obviously, seeing Seacrest being doused in fake ashes by The Dictator was the highlight of the evening. I’ve already watched it five times today on youtube!!!

There were no shocks whatsoever from the event itself; The Artist won pretty much everything, Meryl Streep took another award home and Octavia Spencer got Supporting Actress (yay!)

Now, on to the main event….!

I have a 3 way tie for best dress of the evening, and I am refusing to pick because all three actresses looked equally stunning.

Penelope Cruz, Armani

Jessica Chastain, McQueen

Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton

Cruz has embraced the vintage look completely and has managed to pull it off without looking too try-hard. The black and copper McQueen gown is so different to the other dresses worn by Chastain this award season, and it looks beautiful. Does Michelle Williams ever get it wrong on the red carpet?!

Special mention should also go to Angelina Jolie, Rooney Mara, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Did anyone else feel like Jolie needed to eat something though!? Definitely needs to eat a pie or something!

Angelina Jolie, Versace

Rooney Mara, Givenchy

Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Ford

There weren’t too many people wearing things warranting being on a ‘worst dressed’ list- a few pieces were a bit boring, but they still looked pretty (the example being Natalie Portman, in a red spotted strapless gown.)

Viola Davies and Rose Byrne were my least favourite looks of the night- Davies looked like her boobs were about to pop out her dress, and the colour was disgusting! I liked her hair and make up though, loved how she went quite natural!! Byrne’s dress is getting a lot of praise around the world of fashion blogging today but I thought it looked quite cheap!

Viola Davies, Vera Wang

Rose Byrne, Vivienne Westwood

I am completely torn between loving and hating Emma Stone’s dress. I love the colour, but the bow at the neck seems very fussy.

Emma Stone, Giambattista Valli

Let me know your favourite dresses from last night! I can’t believe it’s all over for another year!

Ps. How cute is it that Michelle Williams takes Busy Phillips with her to all the award shows!?