Competitions and Downton Hair…Kind Of

by swonderfulsmarvellous

Even when I was little, I never won competitions. Even small games like pass the parcel. And musical chairs. At my own birthday party. I was the one who congratulated the winner like a 5 year old beauty pageant loser (obviously, not as melodramatic and the crown was usually a pencil sharpener or something equally as cool.)

It’s never bothered me before, and it still doesn’t really bother me; but yesterday, I entered a competition on a whim, advertised by another blogger. 2 hours later, I had entered about 10 competitions and was feeling quite ashamed. I have no idea why I got so obsessed with entering them!

And I don’t really know why I felt ashamed. Probably because that 2 hours could have been spent doing something much more productive. Especially as I can guarantee that I will not win a single one of those competitions. I have now come to accept my lot in life as a competition loser. But I am proud to be a loser! Well, most of them time.

The competitions I really love to enter are writing competitions. I like to see what other people think of my work. But it’s much harder to put your own work out there into the void to be judged, as opposed to just filling in a form. So I await the results of them with bated breath.

I do know people who have won scads of competitions, and they’ve won some pretty amazing stuff. After my entering binge, I think I may have got it out of my system. If I win, I will keep you posted. But if I don’t win, I’ll go and buy something pretty anyway, so it’s no big deal!

As a side note, yesterday I went out and tried to do a bit of a Downton Abbey hair style for the evening. Let me know what you think!

My shorts and necklace are from Topshop, and the shirt is from HnM.