My New Friend…

by swonderfulsmarvellous

Yesterday I was in the garden, enjoying this unseasonable British weather we’ve been having, and I was suddenly introduced to a new friend.

She was called Georgina, and had just flown in from Paris or Milan or somewhere else utterly fabulous. We hung out in the garden for half an hour, and she even danced to Judy Garland with me. She had good taste.

She looked beautiful- I actually wondered who she was wearing, but I thought it was rude to ask- naturally.

I snapped a few pictures of her before she jetted off to even sunnier places.

Want to meet her?

I thought she looked like a Georgina! So grand!

(If you want to use these images, please ask me first! I’m quite proud of them, as they were taken with my Iphone and I usually take rubbish photos!!)