My How I Met Your Mother Epiphany

by swonderfulsmarvellous

Nearing the end of the second season of HIMYM, there is an episode called ‘Showdown.’ In it, Barney attempts to tell Bob Barker that he is his son, and Marshall and Lily realise they can’t do anything without each other. (Firstly, I obviously have to mention that losing so much weight that my clothes don’t fit, and then having to eat cake all day to put it back on, is my dream scenario!)

This episode aired in the April of 2007- at a time when I had never even heard of Maclaren’s Bar, The Bro Code or The Girl With the Yellow Umbrella. That year, I headed to NYC with my brother for my 18th birthday. Whilst there, I went shopping and purchased a cute t shirt (amongst a lot of other things that I have forgotten about because they were probably hideous.) This was at a time when I was the definition of not cool. I wasn’t stylish- I mean, I’d post some pictures to prove it, but it would be humiliating!

But today, I was watching the Showdown episode and I noticed something. Lily was wearing my t shirt! The t shirt that has laid lovingly in my drawer for nearly 5 years because I didn’t want to throw it away. Obviously, unbeknown to me, I had in my drawer a slice of my own past where I was actually emulating the celebrities. (Well, kind of. A fictional character on a TV show counts, surely?)

Here it is in all it’s splendour. From memory, it cost $20 from Century 21, and it was an XS because I was skinny then. That’s also the reason why there isn’t a picture of me wearing the t shirt as a comparison. It would look like a toddlers shirt squeezed on to a baby elephant.

But it made me smile- because I still love my bright green shirt- even if it doesn’t fit anymore!