Nail Art: I’m Going Dotty For Spots!

by swonderfulsmarvellous

Wanted something easy but cute- I was going to do balloons but think I’ll be saving that for next time 🙂

The little tuxedos I did last time will be repeated at some point too, because the black and white nail polish I used proved totally useless! They chipped after a day and took 20 minutes to scrubs off with nail polish remover! Granted, they were free, but I wasn’t expecting them to be so horrible! The black was the worst- I have used them before, but not to cover a whole nail. Fingers crossed next time will be better!!!

To name and shame, the polishes in question are J17- so not an amazing brand for nail polishes anyway!

Yes, that is Lord of the Rings on the background! I’m just that cool!