Revisiting the Past- or My Top 5 TV Crushes of the 90s

by swonderfulsmarvellous

Firstly, let me point out that I am an English 90s kid: there was no Full House or 90210 in my living room when I was growing up. (Yeah, I had to Google US kids shows to get some references in there. What the heck is Full House?!) Anyway, as an English 90s kid, I not only enjoyed the delights of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Clarissa Explains It All, but also Chucklevision and The Queen’s Nose.

So I’m very, VERY sorry if I’ve missed out your ultimate 90s crush. If I had had the opportunity to watch Boy Meets World, I’m sure I would have fallen for another generic looking floppy haired teen. Alas, I was exposed to these cuties!

(I’ve excluded Pacey Witter/Dawson Leery from my list because I didn’t start watching Dawson’s Creek until the early 2000s. I did watch one episode with my cousin when I was about 10, and I ended up feeling very stupid that I didn’t understand a word they were saying.)

5. Bernard from Bernard’s Watch

For anyone not familiar with Bernard’s Watch, let me explain. Bernard was a little kid who had a magic watch that could stop time. He used it to spy on his milkman, who used to have a lot of wildly inappropriate affairs with all the housewives on his street. It was one of the most amazing programmes of my youth, and I still wish I had a magical watch to stop time when I’m in awkward situations.

Looking back, I think I was more attracted to the magical watch than him.

4. AC Slater from Saved by the Bell

Oh Albert Clifford. I remember the day you stole my heart away. It was the day of the prom (obviously, because Bayside High had a prom every other week) and you got locked in a sweaty boiler room with Jessie. How I wish I had been in her place. Your curls were wild and free. Your muscles were strong and shiny….

Okay. Moving swiftly on….

3. Tucker from Tucker.

Americans, can you help me out with something? Why was Tucker cancelled after only about 10 episodes?! For one glorious summer, Tucker was my best friend. He knew Seth Green! He could dance on one of those arcade machines! He was amazing! And then somebody decides to pull the plug. My heart was broken. It took a lot of Pacey time to get over him, I can tell you.

2. Roddy Oliver from The Ghost Hunter

After Googling The Ghost Hunter (another English gem about a Victorian ghost called ‘The Shoeshine Boy” who was hunted by an old woman who used to sniff him) I found out that Roddy Oliver was played by a charming young actor called Will Theakston. Apparently, Will was also in one of the Harry Potter films. Look!

1. Harvey Kinkle from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Out of all Sabrina’s man friends over the many seasons I tuned in (not the last one, though. That guy wasn’t hot.) Harvey Kinkle was the best. He always managed to keep his hair looking magnificent, even when he was being seriously messed with by Sabrina’s magic. And he had a motorbike!

That smile! Those eyes! And he forgave Sabrina for being a shitty girlfriend in the end. Did I mention he had a motorbike?