My Top 5 Historical Hotties

by swonderfulsmarvellous

I don’t feel this list needs much explaining: in history, even before male grooming products became popular, some men were just downright attractive. I feel they need some recognition for this, in addition to their notable historical deeds.  Let me know if I missed out your favourite!

(This list has been whittled down from about 15 to 5, so I hope I picked the best ones.)

(Also, they are all men. Sorry to everyone who has eyes for the ladies. You’ll have to get your archaic thrills elsewhere today.)

5. Ernest Hemingway

So the main reason he made my top five is because I thought he looked like Schmidt from ‘New Girl.’ He’s also in uniform in this picture, so that got him extra bonus points.

4. Edward VIII

Not only was he rather handsome, he gave up the throne for Wallis Simpson! Nothing is more attractive than an attractive man picking you over a ginormous pile of money. And jewels. And a crown.

3. Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Broughham and Vaux

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. You the heck is this guy?! I’m afraid even I can’t tell you because his Wikipedia page was long and I got distracted by his face. It’s safe to say he was English though, and had tons of money. Win.

2. Dick Winters

Taking into consideration that Damien Lewis was AH-mazing in ‘Band of Brothers,’ you’ll also be pleased to hear that the real Dick Winters was also a stone cold fox back in his 101st Airborne days. And he was super brave and clever. And modest. Actually, he would have made my number one spot, had it not been for this guy…

1. Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester

I have no photographic evidence to prove just how hot Mr. Dudley was. I like to think he looked something like this:

…but he probably didn’t. Whatever the case, he nearly convinced Queen Elizabeth to marry him, which would have given all her rebellious subjects cause to kick her off the throne. When it became clear he couldn’t marry her, he married another court hotty instead (the illegitimate granddaughter of Henry VIII), incurring the queens wrath.  He did love those Tudors!

He is my ultimate Historical Hotty. And because we can’t ever really know what he looked like, I can picture him as a Joseph Fiennes-esque character. All I’m saying is he must have been super fit to nearly make Elizabeth give up her throne for him. Phoar.

(NOTE: All images sourced from Wikipedia.)