Why I’m Giving Up Celebrity Nonsense Once And For All….

by swonderfulsmarvellous

Here are the 2 main reasons for my sudden rush of gossip abstinence.


Just urgh.

I won’t go into details (because they are boring and unnecessary), but apparently Nicki Minaj went mental on the set of American Idol, calling Mariah Carey a lot of names and using the f-word a hell of a lot.

I’m sorry- but if I started a new job, decided I didn’t like one of my co-workers, and then started SHOUTING INSULTS AT HER IN THE OFFICE….I would be fired. Most definitely.

I just don’t understand it. Does Nicki think this behaviour is normal? Does she think it’s acceptable?!

No doubt she’ll be rapping away about it on her next album “Roman x3: This Time It’s Personal, Bitches.” Because that’s healthy; “I just had a major argument with you, so now I will tell everyone in the world why I hate you.”

It’s like we’re in Mean Girls. Except we’re not 16, Glen Coco has received no candy canes, and nobody is laughing.


Ps. I have a feeling people will think I’m ‘Team Mariah’ after this. I am Team NO-ONE. NO-ONE GETS A TEAM! URRRRGH.