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My Beaut of a Bag

This is a super speedy quick post, just because I feel I may have neglected my blog over the past few days in favour of actually doing things outdoors!! I do love blogging, but when it’s sunny I have to take the hint- it’s time to shut the laptop down and head outside!!

I’ve been in London visiting a friend from university this weekend and I had an amazing time- there will be a blog post on it tomorrow, I promise! I will also give you lucky readers 2 MORE posts as well- you lucky, lucky things!

On Saturday, I saw this bag in Dorothy Perkins and couldn’t resist- I’d seen a similar one I wanted from ASOS, but I thought this one was prettier. And my money was yearning to be spent, so I had to give in!

Let me know what you think! 🙂



My Mid Week Outfit- and Other Things….

So after feeling very nervous about finally visiting the hairdresser after a year long absence… I decided to just have a trim. BUT, on the plus side, I also got to try out heated rollers- they are amazing and I will be buying some when I get paid! (Along with the million other things I need/want to buy!)

These are my must haves for my March pay packet- nothing to extravagant as I’m trying to save up!!

These pastel jeans are from Topshop, and I love, love, LOVE them. They’re only £25!!! A complete steal!

I am a teeny tiny bit obsessed with animal prints at the moment- the picture isn’t very clear (apologies!) but they are tiny little elephants! So cute! The shirt is from Asos, and is £35.

This is also from Topshop, and I have to confess I already have this dress in red, but I love this green colour so much! It is such a versatile dress too- you could dress it up with heels, or dress it down with a cute cardi!

I got so many compliments this afternoon about my nails- I think they might be my favourites!!

My outfit today was all about pastels! What do you think?

For once, the whole outfit isn’t from Topshop! The skirt is River Island, the shirt is Zara, the shoes are New Look, and the belt is Topshop (obviously, I couldn’t completely give up on them!) The charm is Disney Couture- I got it a few years ago and found it this morning lurking at the bottom of my make up bag!

The Pan Am Comeback Revisited

Looking through the Google searches people have been using to find swonderful smarvellous, it’s become pretty clear that Pan Am is still a hot topic- and with the TV show starting up again in America this Sunday, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the show that is still under threat of being cancelled.

A quick recap of what’s been going on in the skies- Dean and Colette are making gooey eyes at each other after he lets her fly a plane and she lets him in on her secret hatred of Germans. Kate is a spy, lamenting the loss of her foreign boyfriend who she betrayed, whilst her sister, Laura, who thought Ted was a complete idiot, has now fallen for him just as he leaves a room looking all rumpled with another woman. Girls always want what they can’t have! And Maggie is having it away with a man who holds opposing political views to her- which apparently, is a very big deal.

But now back to the more important things. The fashion of Pan Am is leather gloved, heavily lined eyes, red stained lips, 1960s glamour. The best lipstick out there, hands down has to be Chanel. The best liquid eyeliner I’ve used is from Topshop, and handily, it’s in the sale at the moment.

Watching Pan Am, it’s clear the stylists love themselves a good tea dress- so here are my favourites!

Vivienne of Holloway