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Disney & Harrods

So here we go. The beautiful dresses currently on display in Harrods for the Christmas season. Eat, drink, be merry, and watch Disney. And have a very merry Christmas!

Shit, it’s only just November…..huh.

Also, you may realise that I have only shown half  the dresses on display. 2 reasons for this:

1. The pictures of Snow White (Oscar de la Renta), Tiana (Ralph & Russo) and Rapunzel (Jenny Packham) didn’t do the dresses justice at all. They are beautiful, really- and it pains me that I can’t show you just how beautiful they are.

2. The Jasmin (Escada) and Belle (Valentino) dresses were very….eh. Again, the pictures weren’t great (stupid glass and reflections getting in the way!), but they just weren’t the prettiest. And it’s late, and I have to get up for work tomorrow, and it was taking a long time for them to upload, so I gave up in frustration.

Yeah, yeah. I’ll stop with the excuses now.

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Elie Saab

Ariel, The Little Mermaid, Marchesa


Pocahontas, Roberto Cavalli


Mulan, Missoni


Cinderella, Versace


Note: These pictures were taken by my friend Marlene, because my iPhone decided it was too dark for it to take nice photos. Even Instagram failed me! The horror!

And if you want to see the design sketches, click here.


Disney & Harrods Sneak Peak

After a long day at work, I went with a friend to see the brand spanking new window display at Harrods- Disney princesses y’all!

Did I say display? Sorry, I should have said DISPLAYS. 10 designers have re imagined the most iconic dresses worn by the greatest Disney princesses for a special Harrods Christmas display to coincide with their Disney princesses store inside.

I will do a full post tomorrow with all the pictures- but here’s a little taster. This was my favourite dress: Aurora as Sleeping Beauty by Elie Saab. How much do you love the detailing on this dress?! And the display itself is incredible!!



The Downton Abbey Wedding Dress- Minus the Spoilers!

I promised that I would do a post on the beautiful dress worn by Michelle Dockery in the Mary/Matthew Downton wedding that was aired a few weeks ago. I am so, so sorry that I haven’t been posting as regularly as usual- starting a new job really takes up a lot of your time!

In the coming weeks, I can promise nail art posts (I’m thinking of gracing WAH with my presence at some point this week!), trips to Hampton Court Palace, First Proper Paycheque Spends (SO EXCITED!) and maybe even a theatre review!

Now…let’s all bask in the splendour of Lady Mary!



Kate in McQueen (…again!)

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Princess Catherine wore an Alexander McQueen dress and Silvia Fletcher hat yesterday to ride down the Thames for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

As soon as I saw it I thought she looked beautiful, but I’ve noticed many others are calling it ‘safe’ and ‘boring’, amongst other things. So what if this particular McQueen has been worn previously by Tulisa and Kim Kardashian!? I thought Kate  looked so pretty! There’s a lot of talk that it isn’t going to be one of her ‘most memorable’ outfits when we look back in years to come. And rightly so! It’s the Queens Jubilee-and nobody upstages Her Majesty!


My Mid Week Outfit- and Other Things….

So after feeling very nervous about finally visiting the hairdresser after a year long absence… I decided to just have a trim. BUT, on the plus side, I also got to try out heated rollers- they are amazing and I will be buying some when I get paid! (Along with the million other things I need/want to buy!)

These are my must haves for my March pay packet- nothing to extravagant as I’m trying to save up!!

These pastel jeans are from Topshop, and I love, love, LOVE them. They’re only £25!!! A complete steal!

I am a teeny tiny bit obsessed with animal prints at the moment- the picture isn’t very clear (apologies!) but they are tiny little elephants! So cute! The shirt is from Asos, and is £35.

This is also from Topshop, and I have to confess I already have this dress in red, but I love this green colour so much! It is such a versatile dress too- you could dress it up with heels, or dress it down with a cute cardi!

I got so many compliments this afternoon about my nails- I think they might be my favourites!!

My outfit today was all about pastels! What do you think?

For once, the whole outfit isn’t from Topshop! The skirt is River Island, the shirt is Zara, the shoes are New Look, and the belt is Topshop (obviously, I couldn’t completely give up on them!) The charm is Disney Couture- I got it a few years ago and found it this morning lurking at the bottom of my make up bag!

Oscars 2012: They Saved The Best For Last!

I really tried to stay up to watch the E! Red Carpet coverage last night. Really and truly, I did!!! But after an hour of unnecessary ad breaks, Ryan Seacrest talking nonsense and another non-descript guy who kept telling me about who he thought was going to win, I gave up. I really wish I’d have hung on longer, because the dresses were amazing! I looked through them all over breakfast this morning and I think I missed my mouth a few times, I was in that much awe! (If you know me you’ll understand this is a big deal- I do like to eat!)

Obviously, seeing Seacrest being doused in fake ashes by The Dictator was the highlight of the evening. I’ve already watched it five times today on youtube!!!

There were no shocks whatsoever from the event itself; The Artist won pretty much everything, Meryl Streep took another award home and Octavia Spencer got Supporting Actress (yay!)

Now, on to the main event….!

I have a 3 way tie for best dress of the evening, and I am refusing to pick because all three actresses looked equally stunning.

Penelope Cruz, Armani

Jessica Chastain, McQueen

Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton

Cruz has embraced the vintage look completely and has managed to pull it off without looking too try-hard. The black and copper McQueen gown is so different to the other dresses worn by Chastain this award season, and it looks beautiful. Does Michelle Williams ever get it wrong on the red carpet?!

Special mention should also go to Angelina Jolie, Rooney Mara, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Did anyone else feel like Jolie needed to eat something though!? Definitely needs to eat a pie or something!

Angelina Jolie, Versace

Rooney Mara, Givenchy

Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Ford

There weren’t too many people wearing things warranting being on a ‘worst dressed’ list- a few pieces were a bit boring, but they still looked pretty (the example being Natalie Portman, in a red spotted strapless gown.)

Viola Davies and Rose Byrne were my least favourite looks of the night- Davies looked like her boobs were about to pop out her dress, and the colour was disgusting! I liked her hair and make up though, loved how she went quite natural!! Byrne’s dress is getting a lot of praise around the world of fashion blogging today but I thought it looked quite cheap!

Viola Davies, Vera Wang

Rose Byrne, Vivienne Westwood

I am completely torn between loving and hating Emma Stone’s dress. I love the colour, but the bow at the neck seems very fussy.

Emma Stone, Giambattista Valli

Let me know your favourite dresses from last night! I can’t believe it’s all over for another year!

Ps. How cute is it that Michelle Williams takes Busy Phillips with her to all the award shows!?

Brit Awards: The Red Carpet


Jessie J

Alexandra Burke

Pixie Lott

Lana Del Ray

Emeli Sande

I think it’s fairly safe to say Adele will be the overall winner at tonights Brit awards; unfortunately, she hasn’t won over this years red carpet. Ed Sheeran will hopefully get a look in somewhere, and I have my fingers crossed for Lana Del Ray who’s up for International Breakthrough Act. And if I had a little trophy to give out at this years red carpet, the award would definitely go to her: that red dress by Vivienne Westwood is to die for!

Special mention should also go to Pixie Lott and Florence Welsh, who wore couture McQueen. Jessie J has made a massive improvement on Fergies look from last weeks Grammys, but I’m still not totally on board with the look. AND I bet she’s freeeeezing!

Adele looks pretty plain in a little black number, but it isn’t offensive in any way and her makeup and nails looks very pretty. Alexandra Burke and Emeli Sande share the prize for worst dressed; Burke’s dress does use beautiful colours- it’s very Cheryl Cole/Nicole Shirz X Factor inspired with the purple and orange clashing. But it just looks odd, and not in a good way. And Sande looks like she’s going shopping, not like she’s working the red carpet.

Let me know what you think!

BBC Birdsong: Redmayne & Poesy

Today I saw the first trailer for the new adaptation of Birdsong, the amazing novel by Sebastian Faulkes- and it looks incredible. Voted 13th on the BBC list of Britain’s Favourite Book, it’s no surprise it’s being turned into a major drama. I thought it was a little odd it hasn’t been snapped up to be turned into an actual film, seen as studios everywhere seem to be stuck on churning out sequels and prequels. It will no doubt be their loss- actually, it will probably be their gain, because a film will probably be in the works by the end of the year after the success of the new drama.

Taking place during the years leading up to and including the first world war and the late 1970s in Britain, it follows lovers Stephen and Isabelle acting out their passion in a time before great turmoil, and a woman searching for answers about her family history. It really is a beautiful story, and needs to be read to be fully appreciated. But I am really looking forward to the TV drama, and not just because of the great story it is based on.

Eddie Redmayne has had a pretty amazing year- he was in My Week With Marilyn, and he’s just been nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star award. He’s up against Thor, so it’s close! (Joke, obviously!) His portrayal of Stephen is complimented by Clemence Poesy’s Isabelle. I only really know her from Harry Potter and Gossip Girl, but looking at IMDB she’s been in loads of stuff- including 127 hours which I still need to see!

Redmayne said of the project: “Birdsong had an overwhelming impact on me when I first read it in my teens. It is a privilege to now be a part of bringing Faulks’ masterpiece to the screen.”

Clemence Poesy had a spread in this months Glamour magazine in the UK, where she did a Parisian inspired shoot with candy floss colours. I particularly love this look- tres chic! It’s getting me in the mood for spring already!

Get her look from net a porter- this dress is a teeny tiny bit expensive, but it’s very pretty! It’s from Australian designer Rachel Gilbert, who might just be my new favourite this month!