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Money Woes #29


Whenever my bank card is declined.


Money Woes #20


Eating the same thing for dinner 3 days in a row  and pretending to be okay about it. Food is expensive.

Money Woes #19


Spending the last of my money before pay day on cake.

Money Woes #11


This hobby is free and awesome. I’m trying it.

Money Woes #2


Having a party in your bedroom because you can’t afford to go out.

‘There are 7 basic erogenous zones….’ Or What Friends Taught Me

1. Joey doesn’t share food. All the other Friends cannot understand why Joey refuses to share his fries when his date has ordered a ‘garden salad.’  But to be completely fair to Joey, I am exactly the same. Everybody’s like ‘Oh my GOD, you are SO SELFISH!’ But I would gladly buy you your own bag of Maltesers when we go to the cinema. Just don’t REFUSE a bag all to yourself and then dip into mine! That’s how you end up losing some fingers.

2. Pivot. PIVOT! This is handy knowledge I now have for if I ever move house and take hefty furniture with me. I also know that if I am ever in a pivoting situation, it would probably be best if I bring my most muscular friends to help me do the job, and not the Chandler-esque weeds.

3. Peeing on jellyfish stings is one way of cementing a relationship. I mean, look at Chandler and Monica. They eventually got married!

4. And by the way, Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means ‘you are.’ Y-O-U-R means ‘your!’ I like to think that Rachel fell in love with Ross because of his fine attention to detail when using punctuation marks.  And because of his dinosaur watch, obviously.

5. No matter how young you are, leather pants are never a good idea. On men. I think certain ladies can pull them off. (I loved them in the 90’s when it was all very PVC but only the Posh Spice Girl was allowed to wear real leather.) Also, if you are ever trying to take off a pair of leather slacks without chafing, don’t mix together talc and lotion. They will MAKE A PASTE!

6. Unagi is a type of sushi, not a form of karate. Sorry, a state of karate. Or something.

7. Fake names are a necessity. They can be used to solve all sorts of problems, including stopping your friend leaving for France and trying to convince a man to join an Identical Hand Twin showcase.

8. Trifle does not contain meat. I know a lot of English desserts sound odd (I only discovered that mince pies didn’t have mince in them when I was 13- and I live in England!) but we’re not that odd. We do seem to enjoy cheese as a dessert though and that is something I will never be on board with.

9. Foreign ‘Friends’ is not as funny as English ‘Friends.’ So keep your monkey away from the TV remote.

10. If you are reading Little Women and you get to the sad part, put your book in the freezer. And then go watch Friends to cheer yourself up.

My Eggcelent Weekend in London

My friend left me in charge of arranging the activities for our weekend in London. My first thought was doing something tourist-y, but I hate walking around London looking like a tourist! It’s definitely not like Joey in Friends with his map! Searching the internet, I stumbled across something utterly amazing- and I loved it so much I just had to do a blog post on it!

If you haven’t heard of The Big Egg Hunt, it is amazing. Usually when I go to London, I rely on the Tube for getting around and I actually have no idea where anything is above ground! Having to walk around London all day in the sunshine to find eggs really made me appreciate how beautiful London is!

The hunt itself is pretty straight forward- leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers have created over 200 eggs and hidden them around London for everyone to enjoy. The challenge is to find as many eggs as you possibly can! There are 12 Zones to eggplore (I cannot get enough of these egg puns!), including Canary Wharf and Covent Garden, and all the money raised from the hunt will be donated to Elephant Family and Action for Children.

So if you’re in London  at any point between now and the 9th April, give it a go! I can’t promise the weather will be as beautiful as it was for us on Saturday, but I can guarantee you’ll have a cracking time! (Okay, I will definitely stop with the egg puns now!)



I am so proud we found the Where’s Wally egg- he moves around every day to a secret location! I must admit, we did have very tired feet by the end of the day, but it was worth it!