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Your Questions Answered- (don’t all thank me at once, you guys….)

A lot of people are directed to my blog looking for answers. Though they might not be the most thought provoking, life changing questions a lot of us ask ourselves on a daily basis (‘What is the meaning of life?’ ‘Why do cats have 9 lives and I only have 1?’ ‘Why is my hair so flat?’) they do deserve an answer. Thankfully, I have the answers you seek. You’re welcome.


This is a tough one, because so many people have died on Wisteria Lane over the years that it’s hard to keep track. And in so many original ways! You wouldn’t have thought that a garden fence would be deadly. But it is. Frankly, I’m surprised anyone wants to live there anymore.

Anyway. Back to the question. I can count 32 people having died actually on Wisteria Lane. Want me to list them? Okay, here goes.  Rex Van der Kamp. Edie Britt. Loads of people from that strangler kid….er…Mike Delfino. Okay. I’m giving up. The answer is 32. Just take my word for it.


I’m still pondering as to why my blog would give an answer to this question. I don’t think I’ve ever even wrote about Ms. Sande, but regardless; this question needs an answer. So here it is.

I’m afraid I don’t have access to Emeli Sande’s wardrobe, so I can’t check the labels in her clothes. I also don’t have the ability to guess people’s dress size by looking at them (apparently a lot of women can do this, which I find incredibly disturbing.) And anyway: it’s none of your business what dress size she is! Jeez! Give the woman some privacy!


This is an excellent question. Joey Potter was a bitch for so many reasons- but for me, I think it all comes down to her not wearing a bra. I know it was the 90s, but I think with a bit more support she would have been much friendlier.


Where do I even start with this question? I know I shouldn’t judge, because sometimes when I’m using Google in a hurry my spelling can go a little crazy. But come on. That is the worst looking question I’ve ever seen.

All I can tell you is that they don’t look like this– make that your starting point.


I really hate to tell you this, but the Grammy’s aren’t held in Covent Garden. They’re not even held in the UK. I know they’re held in the US somewhere, though to be honest, even I don’t know where. It’s a mystery. I really hope you don’t intend to go celebrity spotting at next years shindig in London- you will be thoroughly disappointed.


Kate Spade Gift

My cousin (who is very, very lucky and lives in New York) came back to gloomy England for a visit this week and brought me back this beautiful keepsake box from Kate Spade as a gift! Because you can’t buy Kate Spade online in England, and because I don’t live in London to visit their Covent Garden/Sloane Square stores, I am a bit of a newbie to them. It’s safe to say I am in LOVE with their bags- especially this one.

My Eggcelent Weekend in London

My friend left me in charge of arranging the activities for our weekend in London. My first thought was doing something tourist-y, but I hate walking around London looking like a tourist! It’s definitely not like Joey in Friends with his map! Searching the internet, I stumbled across something utterly amazing- and I loved it so much I just had to do a blog post on it!

If you haven’t heard of The Big Egg Hunt, it is amazing. Usually when I go to London, I rely on the Tube for getting around and I actually have no idea where anything is above ground! Having to walk around London all day in the sunshine to find eggs really made me appreciate how beautiful London is!

The hunt itself is pretty straight forward- leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers have created over 200 eggs and hidden them around London for everyone to enjoy. The challenge is to find as many eggs as you possibly can! There are 12 Zones to eggplore (I cannot get enough of these egg puns!), including Canary Wharf and Covent Garden, and all the money raised from the hunt will be donated to Elephant Family and Action for Children.

So if you’re in London  at any point between now and the 9th April, give it a go! I can’t promise the weather will be as beautiful as it was for us on Saturday, but I can guarantee you’ll have a cracking time! (Okay, I will definitely stop with the egg puns now!)



I am so proud we found the Where’s Wally egg- he moves around every day to a secret location! I must admit, we did have very tired feet by the end of the day, but it was worth it!

My Beaut of a Bag

This is a super speedy quick post, just because I feel I may have neglected my blog over the past few days in favour of actually doing things outdoors!! I do love blogging, but when it’s sunny I have to take the hint- it’s time to shut the laptop down and head outside!!

I’ve been in London visiting a friend from university this weekend and I had an amazing time- there will be a blog post on it tomorrow, I promise! I will also give you lucky readers 2 MORE posts as well- you lucky, lucky things!

On Saturday, I saw this bag in Dorothy Perkins and couldn’t resist- I’d seen a similar one I wanted from ASOS, but I thought this one was prettier. And my money was yearning to be spent, so I had to give in!

Let me know what you think! 🙂


Nom Nom Cupcakes!

This post was originally planned to be dedicated to the amazing Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden- a shop I fell in love with a few months ago, and is now on my list of places in London I adore. Unfortunately for my waistline, I found another genius cupcake seller I had to mention too!

I borrowed the Primrose Bakery cookbook from my friend on a gloomy evening when I felt I needed cheering up with frosting and spongey goodness. And they really were amazing!! In no time at all, I was tapping away at my trusty Macbook searching for their shop in the capital.

When I went in to visit a few weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to find their cupcakes were only £1.85- a complete bargain!!

So I urge anyone who lives in London, or will be visiting soon, to visit The Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden. If you have difficulty finding it, as it is tucked away down a few side streets, it’s near the Theatre Royal Drury Lane where Shrek the Musical currently resides.

The next cupcake sensation are these beauties- made by the wonderful people at Cupcake Occasions down in Suffolk. I’ve never actually tried their cakes- nor can I at the moment as they don’t deliver to my area (darn!) but these cupcakes look truly amazing!

I think I’d have to try Beaker, as he’s one of my favourites. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to munch into Miss Piggy!!