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Money Woes #35

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When children knock on my door on Halloween and I have to give away all my chocolate.


Money Woes #4


Justifying weekends where I can’t afford to do anything

Zooey Deschanel- New Girl Review

It might not be a new thing in the US, but New Girl has only just graced our screens here in the UK- and I wanted to show my appreciation of what could turn into my new favourite US show since How I Met Your Mother. I’ve tried to limit myself to how many television shows I follow, or else I will end spending all my time trying to watch everything. At the moment, I watch Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Pan Am, QI and HIMYM. If I add New Girl to the list, then that will have to be the last thing. Unless something really good comes out, obviously.

Reasons New Girl Is Amazing

  1. The Guys: Looking forward to the next episodes, I’ve noticed Coach has been replaced. Since his only really funny moment in Ep 1 is his improvising of ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ with bears, it’s safe to say I’m not that sad to see him go. Though his replacement better be good. Schmidt is like my new Barney Stinson- a complete tool, but a loveable tool. Nick is pretty blah, but he is obviously going to be the love interest of Jess further down the line, so that’s forgivable. And he does an amazingly shit British accent when drunk.
  2. The Girl: I know most people will say this, but Jess is pretty much me. I might not be a teacher. I might not sing to myself. But some of the things she says are things that I have definitely said in the past. ‘Pink wine makes me slutty’ and her references to Lord of the Rings are just two of her more brilliant sayings. The ability to relate to her to easily is probably why this show sets itself up to be a hit.
  3. The Douchebag Jar: All douchebags should have a jar. It should be a new law.
  4. Dirty Dancing: Name me a girl who hasn’t watched this film whilst depressed and I will find you a flying pig.
  5. She creates her own theme song: Whilst pretending to be a stripper with a heart of gold. And I’ve noticed on the next episode opening, they use her made up song! Genius!