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Money Woes #14


When I see my phone bill after coming back from a holiday abroad…

…and then remembering one of those 20p texts I sent was to my brother asking him to Google something.



I Went To Paris & All I Brought Back Were These Instagrammed Pictures

So, yeah. I went to Paris last week hoping to soak up some culture by eating a lot of bread and cake and cheese. Instead, I just got physically soaked because it rained NON STOP.

But did I let that stop me having an awesome time? No I did not.


My friend Claire thought it would be a good idea to take this photos. Hers look much better than mine, because she isn’t a massive idiot who was screaming the whole time because she thought her umbrella would lift her into the air like Mary Poppins.

We did all the usual stuff- Notre Dame (pretty windows, no hunchbacks), the Eiffel Tower (very high, lifts that go sideways), Versaille (lots of gold, lots of history, lots of rude tourist groups), the Pompidou Centre (lots of weird but amazing art) and the Arc de Triomphe (for some reason, there were lots of soldiers up there when we went. They looked like they were wearing bio hazard suits.)

If you ever go (and you should- because seriously, it’s Paris yo!), make sure you don’t go until early summer, and also make sure you visit Angelina’s- near the Louvre, or there’s one at Versaille. Best. Hot. Chocolate. Ever. Guys.

Now enjoy all my instagrammed pictures. I went a little bit mental.







Shakespeare and Co is an amazing bookshop near Notre Dame that sells super old books- they are really expensive (but come on, would you expect a first edition of Ulysses to be cheap?!) but it was lovely to go and have a raid of their bookshelves.



Tower of London WHAAAT!



Anyone who knows me will be aware that the Tower of London is my FAVOURITE PLACE EVERRR! I went today with my brother and bamboozled him with lots of facts. I am the queen of facts about the Tower. It’s really not cool, but I really don’t care!

These were the best pictures of the day- what do you think?



Adventures in Roma

Rome is one of my favourite cities; the history, the culture- the cheap wine! I only went for a few days but I managed to see everything I wanted to. The Colosseum is by far my favourite place- it looks even more impressive in real life! I also think I died and went to fashion heaven walking around the streets adjoining the Spanish Steps. OMG DIOR, CHANEL, PRADA, LOUIS VUITTON, CARTIER!!!!

Oh yeah. And the guys dressed up like gladiators asked me to act like a Roman. I really think the picture captures my enthusiasm, don’t you think?! 😉